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Competitive Strength - High-growth Industry

Coke extracted and manufactured in China, owing to its high quality in the international market and as scarcity in supply and natural occurrence for its unique composition and properties, commands a strong market position and higher price bracket. Nowadays, under the auspicious of more stringent environmental protection policies, many coke-producing enterprises in Europe, the US and Japan are restrained from continuing existing or engaging in new mining and coal processing operations under the environmental protection policies. Since the local supply of coke is in shortage in these markets, steel refineries there will certainly turn to the international market for coke when they run out of their inventory. The demand for coke is also very strong in domestic China and other emerging markets including Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and India. As demand continues to outstrip supply, while high-quality coke exists as a rare yet well-sought-after commodity, China's high-quality coke occupies a critical position in the international market. As the coal industry in China undergoes a period of consolidation, an increasing number of small-scale and environmentally non-compliant coking mills are being forced to terminate their operation or acquired. Already in possession of advanced manufacturing facilities featuring cutting-edge technology, up and running strong production capacity, stable raw coal supply and large and stable export quota, Huscoke is in an enviable position to enjoy full benefit of forthcoming revival of the industry.

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